Host Information


You may schedule your meetings without notifying the ZOOM Coordinator UNLESS you are offering the invitation to all your DKG ILSO members. To schedule a meeting inviting all DKG ILSO members, do one of the following:


**Create your Zoom session. (If you need help with this, contact the Zoom Coordinator: Nancy Hogan,

**Email the Zoom Coordinator and give her the session information and the full invitation so she can post in on



** Email the ILSO Zoom Coordinator at ASAP.

(at least two weeks in advance of the session)

** Include the following information:

1) Date and time of the meeting

2) Topic/title & speaker of the meeting

3) Name of the host chapter

4) Name of the person requesting a host

5) Email for the person requesting a host

6) Name of the person attending and willing to co-host (can be the same person in #4)

7) Email for the person attending and willing to co-host

8) *Any handouts or additional information needed by participants

*All copyright rules/guidelines must be followed. For information go to the copyright guidelines page.

** If the time is available, the invitation and ZOOM link will be posted on this site ( The handouts and additional information will be included.

The meeting will be posted on the DKG ILSO Facebook page.

The ZOOM coordinator will email the host with the status of your request.

All meetings that we schedule will be cut off at 100 people unless you notify us at least 30 days in advance.


1. Complete the application to have the session be awarded PD credit. The form is available on the State Webpage. PD application

2. Send the completed form to the Professional Development Coordinator, Cheryl Cox ( at least 30 days before the scheduled session. She will notify you of the approval.

3. Record the IEIN numbers and email addresses of those requesting PD credits.

4. Verify the attendance of those requesting PD credits (before and at the end of the session).

5. Send the sign-in and sign-out sheet to Cheryl Cox at the end of the session.


For sessions in which the names of those attending are required or desired, use the following:

1. Ask all attendees to sign in using the Chat.

2. Ask attendees to change their screen name, if it isn’t recognizable.

3. Assign someone to help with the attendance (because not everyone will use the Chat).

a. Make them a Co-Host so they can mute people when necessary and change the screen names when needed.

b. Have them copy the list of participants after the session begins and several times during the session.

c. Have them do several screen shots (Print Screen) during the session.

d. Provide them a list of attendees, if this is a meeting where you have such a listing.

e. Give them the names of those requesting PDs so their attendance can be verified.


If an evaluation of a particular session is requested, then:

1. Option 1: Send an email to all attendees asking them to fill out evaluation that you have prepared.

(You can do this with Google Forms for free.)

2. Option 2: Use Survey Monkey (costs $200 per year). This needs to be set up before the event.

If you need assistance with setting up a survey, contact

Updated Sept. 2, 2021 NH